Singer, composer and teacher. BA in Vocal Jazz (Instituto Superior de Music Popular of the Sadem), BA in Arts and MA in Pedagogy of Scenic Arts, (University of Buenos Aires). She has been working as a teacher since 2009, giving individual and group singing lessons in her private studio and in different cultural centers and schools in Buenos Aires. Currently she lives in Basel, Switzerland, studying a MA in Jazz Performance at the Jazzcampus of the Music Academy of Basel. 

She has studied singing and improvisation with Florencia Carchak, Luna Monti, Sandra Peralta, Guadalupe Raventos, Laura Hatton, Marina Rama and Elisa Viladesau. She took the jazz singing workshops given in the different editions of the Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival by Roxana Amed, Christine Correa, Dominique Eade, Judy Niemack, Darmon Meader, Dena de Rose and Norma Winstone, among others. She has participated in the courses of functional education of the voice dictated by the Center of Vocal Work of Buenos Aires and of the "Cuartas Jornadas de Método Rabine" (Fourth Conferences of Rabine Method) dictated by the same professor Eugene Rabine (2010). She studied dancing and acting since 2004 at the San Martín Theater, the National University of Arts and the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, in Buenos Aires.


In 2012 she formed Luciana Morelli Quinteto, with whom she recorded her first album "Mandala" (2014) of own compositions and jazz standards . In 2015 the group won the contest "Música en Bares Notables 2015" (Music in Notable Bars of Buenos Aires) and performed at the Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival. She was part of Tamango, a tango group with which she recorded the album "Una mina de Fiar" (2015). 

Since 2016 she leads and produces the show Jazz At The Movies, winner of the contest "Música en Bares Notables 2018", of arrangements of jazz standards that belong to films soundtrack, with videos that were edited especially for the show. In 2017 Jazz At The Movies performed at the prestigious cycle "Jazzologia" at the Centro Cultural General San Martin and was presented at the Teatro Español de Azul, Province of Buenos Aires. Since 2016 it is presented weekly at Bebop Club, a famous jazz club in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. 

In 2018 she formed Luciana Morelli trio, of new compositions. Her new music parts from a creative process with photographs, dreams and texts where the language of jazz is crossed by Argentinian folkloric rhythms.

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